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More than any other medium, video engages viewers. It can quickly introduce your firm's personality and communicate your knowledge - so you can make a faster connection with potential clients.

According to the research, consumers typically visit an average of 4.8 websites before they end up making a decision. When video is added to the website, this number decreases to 1.8.

Yokai specialize in producing engaging video content, designed to project your corporate image and provide information that visitors are interested in, thus increasing visitor conversion rates.

Invisible Mannequin Effect photography

Invisible Mannequin Effect photography is the name for those fantastic looking photographs of clothing, you've seen, on the larger shopping websites. The cloths have shape, depth but no model or mannequin just a white background giving a 3D effect to clothing on a uniform white background. Yokai have developed an innovative and economical method of producing these photographs in small batches, ideal for seasonal stock, smaller websites and short run products.

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Yokai | the team

  • Kelly Marie Moore | Corporate and Creative Video Production
  • Andrew Carnell | Web Consltant
  • Simon Nicholson | Graphics Consultant

Samples | by Yokai

    Watch Video
    Show reel for Dalmar Boots
    Watch Video
    Dale & Co Solicitors, intro
    Watch Video
    Trois Corbeaux
    An instructional video for Dalmar Boots : How to fit the boots correctly, plus the technical benefits of the Dalmar front eventer horse boots. View Video


  • Invisible Mannequin Effect (also known as the Ghost Mannequin Effect) are now available from Yokai. | last updated: 2012-04-13 12:54:57
  • Trip to Ireland to film Dalmar Boots website information videos | last updated: 2010-11-20 15:05:01
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